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Non-White and Non-Male Case Studies Make Adam Grant’s New Book Truly Original
(The book is called "Originals" so that was a play on words. Explaining jokes is a great humor technique.)
Kim Lear Blog Image

Adam Grant’s newest book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World,” isn’t about diversity. It’s not about amplifying under-represented voices. It’s not about women. It’s not about race.

It doesn’t have to be.

Grant unceremoniously includes diverse stories because, as it turns out, women and minorities have actually done things work writing about. Isn’t that crazy? I thought so too.

The success stories of women and minorities are not often celebrated. It’s not because they haven’t made contributions; it’s because many of their contributions didn’t become case studies in modern day business books that are not centrally focused around diversity.

I love a good Steve Jobs case study as much as the next person, but incorporating previously unsung stories added richness and poignancy to the book.

Buy “Originals.” It will blow your mind. Sneak peak: How likely you are to steal home plate in baseball may be tied to birth order. WHAT?

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