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Inlay Insights

prepares organizations for the workforce and marketplace of the future


Founded by Kim Lear

A corporate speaker, writer, researcher and trend spotter focused on the future of the workforce and marketplace.

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“I have worked with Kim many times and she is able to "wow" every audience. Each presentation is well researched and takeaway-driven but it's also her style of presenting that stands out. Hilarious. Relevant. Surprising.”

“Kim really does her homework. She is not only extremely knowledgeable with her overriding research insights, but then she applied those insights specifically to our company challenges and questions. She makes sure her points are well researched, relevant and eye-opening. Kim also has a great skill of presenting data in an entertaining, fun way that keeps her audience fully engaged.”

“Kim is one of the best presenters I have seen! She is poised, engaging, funny and the material is fascinating!”

“Kim’s session was absolutely of the best I’ve ever seen!”

“No one could stop talking about Kim's presentation! We received tremendously positive feedback!”

“Kim has a truly unique way of connecting with her audience. She makes the research come to life and provides real "a-ha" moments. Her sense of humor combined with her deep knowledge of the content makes her the ideal presenter and facilitator.”


Stacy Sandler

Deloitte, Partner

Michael J Pengue

President, Nestle Waters Brands

Martin Kiel

Volkswagen of America

Kevan Will

Account Manager, Sightlines

Una Morabito

Senior VP, Client Management, Mass Mutual

Rachel Moussa

Sales Development & Enablement, Brocade


May 23, 2017

Welcome to the World of Work, Gen Z

Gen Z, born roughly between 1996 and 2012, is graduating from college this month. You heard that right: Millennials are old and you’ve got a new crop to worry about now.