The Inlay Speaking Mantra: Make people think. Make people laugh. Customize Content. Create Solutions.

We believe in delivering cutting-edge and action-driven presentations. The kind we'd want to sit through ourselves. With Inlay Insights, you can always expect an energetic, well-researched and customized experience that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

Speaking & Training

We focus on topics of generational influence:

Data-driven content mixed with lively storytelling

The topic of generations has become too anecdotal. A random assortment of personal stories does not help explain how our culture changes. Kim relies on data, consumer insights, engagement surveys, demographic information and in-person focus groups and interviews to get an accurate snapshot of trends. She mixes this insight with storytelling to create meaningful ah-ha moments for audiences.

The virtual difference

Kim has been delivering virtual presentations for the last decade. The key to making these experiences engaging and meaningful is to properly understand how to leverage this medium. Simply repurposing an in-person presentation for a virtual format is not enough. Kim has spent many years understanding how people learn in a virtual setting. The storytelling, visuals and takeaways are altered in order to best accommodate people’s attention spans and learning capabilities while in front of a screen. Kim’s virtual keynotes offer cutting-edge research and takeaways while ensuring that the person on the other end of the screen is fully engaged in the experience.