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Inlay Insights' research team illuminates trends that shape the way we buy, work, and live. Explore active projects below.

Next Gen Leaders 

This series focuses on leaders between 29-39 years-old who directly manage 3 or more people. The purpose is to capture generational shifts in management. In 2024, participants will be re-interviewed to learn how young leaders adapted to pandemic-related work changes and what managers are learning about their new Gen Z employees.

Gen Z College Cohort 

Twenty college students representing 15 states are participating in a 6-year study exploring the impacts of the pandemic on young people as they enter the workplace. Topics covered include financial wellbeing, effective onboarding, dating and career aspirations.

Pandemic Time Capsule

Kim conducted over a hundred 1:1 interviews with people across the country during the 2020 lockdown. Insights include adapting to virtual learning/work, shifting consumer habits, what people missed, and surprising silver linings. Kim also partnered with TruePublic on quantitative findings focus on financial wellbeing, domestic relationships, remote work, the great resignation, and new personal priorities.

Great Resignation

Record numbers of people left the workforce during the height of the pandemic. This project captures the stories behind these decisions. Highlights include changing workplace norms, generational perspectives on sacrifice, why people left and what if anything could have enticed them to stay.

Millennial Parents 

This interview series focused on young millennial parents during their transition to parenthood. Highlights include insights on: shifting societal and family structures, expectations for education and career aspirations, impact of tech, and division of labor/roles for mothers and fathers.