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Inlay Insights' research team illuminates trends that shape the way we buy, work, and live. Explore active projects below.

The Pandemic Time Capsule

In March 2020, we launched this ambitious research project. We have conducted more than 250 one-on-one interviews with people of all generations, all over the country to uncover how the pandemic is reshaping our future. Insights from this series include: effectiveness of virtual school and work, shifting consumer habits, reevaluations of work and identity, what people miss the most, what worries them the most, and what they see as silver linings. All of this is in an effort to capture a historic moment as it unfolds and to give leaders human insight into the way the world has changed.

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The Great Resignation

Record numbers of people are leaving the workforce. Some are quitting their jobs, others are retiring early, changing careers, or going back to school. We are capturing and analyzing the stories behind these decisions to better understand the shifting landscape of work in America. We are in the midst of this research now and will release a report in the summer of 2022. We are still recruiting research participants. If you have changed jobs during the pandemic and would like to share your story, inquire below.

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